• 19:00H - 19:05H Introduction

  • José Zurstrassen

    Chairman, MyMicroInvest

  • 19:05H - 19:20H Keynote

  • Bruno Wattenbergh


  • 19:20H - 19:30H Crowdfunding

  • 19:30H - 19:45H LIVE CROWDFUNDING - STARTUP: Wibee

    A smart alternative to car ownership. Wibee is the future of how people will use cars to move in and around cities.

  • Christophe Jolly

    CFO, Wibee

  • 19:45H - 20:00H LIVE CROWDFUNDING - STARTUP: Domoscio

    Domoscio combines cognitive sciences with Big Data to propose adaptive learning solutions. They aim to optimise the assimilation and consolidation of knowledge to improve learning outcomes.

  • Ivan Ostrowicz

    CEO, Domoscio

  • 20:00H - 20:15H LIVE CROWDFUNDING - STARTUP: Boxify

    Boxify is the storage solution for both individuals and businesses. They pick up your stuff, store it for you on their premises, and deliver it back to you when you need it.

  • Ilan Kolinsky

    Founder, CEO, Boxify