• Introduction

  • Michaël Anseeuw

    General Manager Retail Banking, BNP Paribas Fortis

  • José Zurstrassen

    Chairman, MyMicroInvest

  • Cédric Donck

    Co-Founder, Blue2Purple

  • Bruno Wattenbergh


  • Live Crowdfunding - Startup: SweetBee

    Sweetbee is developing a highly innovative set of mobile applications that scan your meals and provide an overview of their calorific and glycemic values, ideal for people with diabetics.

  • Geert Egghe

    CEO, SweetBee

  • Live Crowdfunding - Startup: PowerSky Energy

    PowerSky provides turnkey solutions for heating, cooling, and energy production and management solutions.

  • Alain Dekeyzer

    CEO, PowerSky Energy

  • Live Crowdfunding - Startup: Goodideal

    Goodideal encourages local businesses by ensuring their visibility to local consumers.

  • Greg Minne

    Co-Founder, Goodideal